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First of all, you want the right hat. So, spend some time thinking before coming into Paul's Hat Works. The Ladies have listed a few things for your thinking pleasure. And remember, we want people to see you in this hat and say, "That is a fine looking hat."

Step 1: Be able to answer these questions when you come in the shop! 

  • Is this a hat you want to wear everyday or a hat to wear only for special occasions?

  • Do you want a hat to protect you from the elements (sun, rain, fog, wind)?

  • Are you looking for a hat that is versatile? Do you want to wear it to the baseball game then out to dinner with your lady?

  • Is this a supplemental hat? Do you have a collection and are looking to add an exquisite piece to your collection?

  • What material do you want on your head day to day, straw or felt?

  • Think about the colors in your wardrobe: formal suits, leisurewear, going out on the town. What do you wear to the 18th hole and do you have a hat to match?

  • Based on your wardrobe, what color should it be?

Step 2: Decision time and fitting your head!

This is when we will discuss the information you have gathered based on the previous questions and take into consideration other factors such as your stature, height and facial proportions.

We will then have you try on and examine finished & unfinished products that we have in the shop. If you have photos or samples of something you like, please share them now! We will then decide on type of material, and style of hat. 

We will place a device called a conformiteur on your head which takes an impression of your skull curvature (there are no two alike in the world). We want your hat to fit like a glove and feel more like extension of you than an accessory.

Step 3: Payment

You will put down a $300 deposit, and the balance is due when the hat is finished to your satisfaction!

Step 5: Come and get it! 

Our current lead time is 4 months. This varies depending on how many orders we have in line. It tends to range from 3-6 months. When you pick up your hat it comes with box for safe storage, shipping and travel. Sometimes there will need to be a fitting, which will be decided when you order your hat. Remember, if you're not happy with it, we're not happy with it. At this time you can also buy accessories for your hat, such as a handcrafted wooden hat hook, a hat jack to help it keep its size, or a fine horsehair hat brush.