Please call 415-221-5332 To Make An Appointment To Bring In Your Hat

Repairs are different for every hat so bring it in for a hands-on assessment to really find out what your hat needs and the cost. There is not too much we can tell you over the phone about repairing your hat. We advise you make and appointment and bring it in. 

Cleaning a hat every two to five years can elongate its life. It's time to get your hat cleaned when you notice body oils building up in the ribbon and brim near the sweatband. 

The style of your hat can be manipulated easily. Often hats go unworn because of small details in a hat's personality or the way it fits. Color of ribbon or size can play a big role and can be adjusted relatively easily. 1/4" change in brim, crown or ribbon can also have a big influence on how comfortable you feel in your hat.

*Paul's Hat Works performs repairs and cleanings on hats on a case-by-case basis. We will do our very best to clean and repair each hat we take in. However, there is a chance that a hat will incur damage during the repair which we are not liable for. By leaving your hat in our care, you understand the possibility that some hats cannot be repaired.

We do not work on baseball caps, bleached straw hats, paper hats masquerading as straw hats or flat-pattern caps/ hats.


FULL CLEANING / FULL RE-SIZE                                     $150

STRAW CLEANING / FULL RE-SIZE                                  $110

SIMPLE CLEAN/BRUSH UP                                              $15

CHANGE LEATHER / SWEATBAND                                  $50

GLUE STRAW CRACKS                                                    $10

BLOCK CROWN                                                              $20-40

BLOCK BRIM                                                                   $20-40

BRIM CURL                                                                     $20

STRETCH                                                                        $15

NEW LINING                                                                    $20

HARDENING/STIFFENING                                               $25

MOTH HOLES                                                                 $10

FEATHERS                                                                      $7           (Free for hats made by Paul)

FEATHER ARRANGEMENTS                                            $15

CHANGE RIBBON: BLACK RIBBON                                 $25

CHANGE RIBBON: VINTAGE RIBBON                             $30

CHANGE RIBBON: SPECIAL RIBBON                              $50

UNDERWELT / OVERWELT BRIM                                    $50

FRENCH / PARALLEL BRIM BINDING                              $50