Our Hat Repair & Alteration Policy: We only provide service for Paul's Hat Works made hats.

We’re a small shop (both in terms of staff and space), and we devote most of our time to our first love, which is making hats. Because repairs and refurbishments are an art, and are often more complex than hat making. So reluctantly, we will no longer be doing maintenance, alteration, refurbishment, repair, adding new ribbons, etc. on hats from other brands for the time being. We will still work on Paul’s Hat Works hats.

Here’s what you need to know if you’d like us to work on your hat:

Appointments: We accept hats for repair by appointment only. Please call us at 415-221-5332 to schedule the next available appointment. Our repair work is done on a first-come, first-served basis – no rush orders accepted. Please wait for your appointment to bring your hat in.

Assessment: Before we do any work, we’ll do a hands-on assessment so we can tell you what your hat needs, and what it will cost. If it has a problem we can’t fix, we’ll let you know that, too.

Estimates: We can sometimes provide an approximate price range for your repair over the phone when you make your appointment, but because each hat and each repair are different, we can give you a firm estimate only after we’ve seen the hat in person. If you want to ship us your hat, please send us an email with clear photos, and a description of the work you would like so we can assess and quote the hat before you ship it.

Turnaround Times: Repairs are usually ready in two to four weeks. Generally, hats accepted between the 1st and 15th of the month will be ready around the 30th. Hats accepted in the second half of the month will be ready around the 15th of the following month. While we do our best to stick to that timetable, all deadlines are approximate; we’ll call you if, for some reason, your repair will be delayed.

What We Can Do: We will do our very best to clean and repair each hat we take in, and we can really work some magic. In fact, a full cleaning of your hat every two to five years (having it stripped, washed and re-blocked) can elongate its life. You’ll know it’s time to get your hat cleaned when you notice body oils building up in the ribbon and brim near the sweatband. Keeping the dust off by brushing your hat regularly not only keeps it looking great, it also makes it possible for us to remove oils in a full clean.

The style of your hat can be manipulated easily. Often hats go unworn because of small details in a hat's personality that don’t match that of the wearer. Everything from the width of the brim and the height of the crown to the color or size of the ribbon can make the difference between a hat you never wear and one you never want to take off. Fortunately, many of these factors can be adjusted relatively easily, and we can make recommendations for you.

What We Can’t Do: We repair hats that are of the same style and materials as the hats we make. So we don’t work on baseball caps, some qualities of wool, white wool, bleached straw hats, paper “straw” hats, or flat-pattern caps.

Also, like any other article of apparel that has been worn, your hat may have invisible weak points or include materials that react in unexpected ways to our processes. While we do our best to identify those potential problems before we start, they may become apparent only during the repair. As a result, we are not liable for any unforeseen damage. Additional charges may apply if, after consultation with you, we replace any materials or do additional work because of these unseen problems.


We make your hat look good in 1, 2, 3, 4
ActionDescriptionRatePHW Made Hats RateIf your Hat Is.....
1Full Cleaning/ Full Re-sizeTake apart, wash, re-block, put back together. $150.00$130.00Well worn shape, showing dirt and grease
+ new leather if sizing up or down+ $10+ $10
+ new ribbon (price varies depending on ribbon)+ $10-$30+ $10-$30
If ribbon, lining and ribbon sweatband are not removed$70$60
2Straw Full Cleaning/ Full Re-SizeDitto$130.00$110.00Well worn shape, showing dirt and grease
+ new leather if sizing up or down+ $10+ $10
+ new ribbon (price varies depending on ribbon)+ $10-$30+ $10-$30
If ribbon, lining and ribbon sweatband are not removed$70$60
3Seasonal Flange and Touch up.Brush, Freshen, Clean Sweatband, Shape Brim, Touch up Crown Shape$55.00$50.00Not showing grease, mis-behaving brim, looks a bit tired
full reblock crown instead of touch up+ $20+ $15Crown has seen better days
4Simple Clean and Shape Touch UpBrush, Freshen, Clean Sweatband, Touch up Crown Shape$35.00$30.00Lookin good, just needs sprucing and a little crown love
5Simple CleanBrush, Freshen, Clean Sweatband$25.00$20.00Lookin good, just needs freshening
Or you pick and choose
ActionDescriptionPricePHW Made Hats Special Price
Re-Block (Crown)Re-shape Crown$30.00$20.00Shaping
If flange needed+ $20
Re-Flange (Brim)Shape Brim and Snap of hat$20.00$15.00
Western Flange with block$35.00$20.00
hand block$55.00$30.00
Conform HatFlange/Steam headshape into hat$35.00$15.00
Brim Cut$15.00$10.00
hand cut+ $15
if flange needed+ $20
Brim Curl$25.00$20.00
if flange needed+ $20
New Leather/Ribbon SweatbandNew leather, sew or glue in, sew on ribbon, flange, sew in lining$85.00$75.00Parts
Use their leather- $10
No Lining- $10
No Flange (bowlers and toppers mostly)- $20
New RibbonNew ribbon, sew on ribbon, sew in lining, flange$65.00$55.00
Vintage ribbon (most ribbon besides black)+ $10
Special Vintage Ribbon (patterned, weaves, special dyes)+ $20
Their Ribbon- $10
New LiningNew Lining, Sew in$20.00$20.00
Their lining- $10
Wash Their lining+ $10
Bindingflange included$70.00
Under/Overweltflange included$70.00
Stretchdisclaimer tearing and shrinking potential$15.00$10.00Manage Flaws
if flange needed+$20
Glue Cracks in StrawHat will look same, prevents unraveling$10-$40$5-$30
Add fabric boot/patch to feltpatch one area, reblock$45.00$45.00
per additional patch$15.00$15.00
Stiffeningbrim + flange$50.00$50.00
crown + reblock$50.00
if flange needed+ $20
Moth Holes/ Hand StitchingClose/hide holes, fix stitching on leather or ribbon$30-$50$20-$40
in flange needed+ $20
if reblock needed+ $30
Grommets/EyeletsOne set of 2; one on each side in felt or leather$20.00$15.00Insurance
extra set of 2+ $10+ $10
Stampeed StrapCow Leather, Braided cord, decorative or waxed: varying availability, grommet's includedCord & Flat Leather3mm Leather Braid
Full LoopUp through grommet in brim, loops full crown, and down through other grommet$46$70
Single LoopUp through grommet in brim, loops half crown and down through other grommet$40$60
Single strapsUp through grommet in brim, eyelet in leather on each side, or hidden in sweatband seam$30$50
Hat Accessories
Hat Boxfree with custom hat$25.00
Western, Central, US$20
Eastern US$25.00
Featherssingle or borsa$7.00
custom bunch$15.00
Hat Jack$20.00
Hat Brush$35.00