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Paul's Hat Works was opened by Napoleon 'Paul' Marquez in 1918. The shop has been been passed apprentice to apprentice since then and is still alive and kickin' in the same location.

Our blocking and hat-making techniques have been passed down through three generations of Master Hatters. This craftsmanship ensures the material is manipulated properly so the shape and fit of the hat will endure time and wear. If you take care of your hat it can last you the rest of your life.

Our variety of hat-blocks, flanges, irons, vintage ribbon, ensures that almost any head can get hatted. We also continue to collect and make blocks to further eepand our hat-making possibilities. Got a lead on hat blocks or tools? Give us a call!

Today we continue to make Classic 'Off-The-Rack', Custom, and Sculptural Hat's for both Men and Women, all based on a classic mens hat structure. We also do select hat repairs. Our technique, quality material, and tools ensure a timeless and quality hat that's got spine. The clean craftsmanship presents sharply to top off finery, casual duds, or rugged wear, and adds art to any get-up or guise. Basically you'll look good no matter what you're wearing or where you're going.